Cardiff University was funded by Cancer Research UK to develop an interactive decision support intervention designed for men considering the PSA test.


To evaluate the effect on men of a web-based PSA decision support intervention, Prosdex.



Men who are concerned about prostate cancer can choose to have a PSA (prostate specific antigen) test which may detect prostate cancer. However, the test is not a perfect test for detecting prostate cancer. When deciding whether or not to have the test, the Department of Health specifies that men should be provided with full information about the test’s advantages and disadvantages.


About the study

Prosdex presents evidence-based information about prostate cancer and PSA testing, encouraging users to weigh up the pros and cons of testing for themselves. In addition, Prosdex includes video clips of enacted patient experiences about the PSA test and subsequent investigations / treatments. There is also information about ‘shared decision making’ and, through structured decision support, Prosdex encourages informed decision making.


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