Cardiff University has developed Quitex, an online interactive decision support intervention for smokers to consider methods and options regarding cessations, with decision support and follow-up.


To assess the feasibility of an interactive web-based decision support intervention for smokers to choose their preferred way to quit smoking.


Tobacco use remains the single greatest cause if preventable illness and early death, responsible for more than 120,000 deaths each year in the UK (DoH 2004). Smoking remains the principle cause of health inequalities, disproportionately affecting the poorest in society. It also places the greatest strain on the NHS, costing between £1.4 and £1.7bn a year in England alone (DoH, 2004).

About the trial

The first stage in the Quitex led by Cardiff University is now complete. Approximately 400 participants took part in the trial of the online DST. Quitex takes users through a ‘Five Step Plan’ - assessing motivation to quit, nicotine dependence, previous quit attempts, provides information of quitting methods before assessing the users’ decision - asking whether they are ready to quit, what method they have chosen and the quit date. After 4 weeks, participants are invited to complete an online questionnaire on the success of their attempt to quit smoking.

Further development

A second stage in the study is now underway, be led by ASH Wales involving recruitment of further participants. Quitex is now hosted within the ASH Wales website and can be accessed via: www.ashwales.org.uk/quitex/